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Our Pole Barns are designed with an all metal roofing system which allows for greater column and truss span. We offer a turn key installed package or delivered “kit” with DIY instructions. Available standard as a “roof only” or options such as closed sides and ends, roll up doors, windows, and lean-to are available. Our pole barns are designed to fit your needs as they change. Standard lengths and widths are available, or our team can customize to your desired size. Get started now with designing your custom pole barn now!

  • Ground Treated 8x8s
  • Powder Coated Trusses
  • 26 or 29 Gauge Metal Roofing
  • 16 Gauge Red Iron Zee Purlins
  • 145 mph Wind Rated
  • Rake Trim
  • Ridge Cap
  • Peak Box
  • Professional Install
  • Custom Design Options
  • Financing Available
  • Turn-Key Kits
  • 20 Roofing Color Options
  • 25 Year Warranty on Galvalume Roofs
  • 40 Year Warranty on Colored Roofs



One of the most significant benefits of pole barns is its affordability. Pole barns don’t require a concrete foundation or as much material for construction than traditional barns do.


A pole barn doesn’t have to solely be used for what people typically think a barn is. Pole barns can serve as buildings, garages, a recreational center, commercial space, storage and so much more! There are no limits to what you can use a pole building for.

Quick to Build

Because pole barns don’t have an intense framing process or structure, LD Buildings can construct a pole barn in the fraction of the time of a traditional barn.


Not only are pole barns versatile, they are also extremely customizable as well. At LD Buildings, we offer our customers a variety of useful amenities they can add to their barn. From closed sides and ends and roll up doors, to windows and lean-to, we can customize your barn to your needs.

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