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More Than Just a Protective Shelter

Benefits of an LD Buildings Carport

Protection Against Weather & Debris

Rain, sun, snow and debris are damaging to your vehicles and equipment. Having a high quality steel carport from LD Buildings is your front line in protection from the elements, and whatever else life throws at you. Our carports are customizable and tailored to your specific needs.

Additional Storage for Other Vehicles & Equipment

Although the name of the structure is a carport, you can also use it for storing other vehicles and equipment like an RV, boat, ATV, motorcycle or even a lawn mower or tractor.

We also offer several options for pole barn kits at our Yulee and Callahan locations. Please contact us in Yulee or Callahan to learn more about our pole barn kit options.

Keeps Vehicles Cooler

Having a carport will ensure that your car can be kept in shade that will make getting in a lot more comfortable. It also saves the inside of the car wearing out due to the constant heat of an enclosed car. This can crack and ruin the cover on the dashboard as well as the seats and the back window shelf. It doesn’t take long for the sun to damage a car’s interior if it is left outside all day.

Added Home Value

If your home does not have a garage and you decide to sell it, buyers might consider it a disadvantage. At least with a carport, prospective home hunters will see they can park their car, motorcycle or boat on the grounds rather than the street.

Shade & Covering

Whether you’re planning your next garage sale, birthday party or neighborhood BBQ, an LD Buildings Carport can quickly transform into a comfortable and covered space to accommodate your next family or neighborhood event.

Added Protection for Those Living Alone

With a carport, pulling your car into this structure and thus parking closer to your home is safer than parking on the street.  This is a nice feature for someone living alone.

Protection Against Vandalism & Theft

With a carport, your car is visible unlike a garage.  Thus, burglars or vandals are less inclined to enter your carport.  So in a sense, your car is more safe from vandalism or other random attacks than if it was “hidden” in an enclosed garage, where someone could quietly enter the side door.


While it depends on the size, style, and materials you choose, often carports are less expensive than a custom garage, shed, or barn. Easy to install, they can cost less in labor costs as well.


Having the option to custom build your carport allows you to choose the width, length, and height of your structure, as well as add any additional features you want.